Investors find that our development process is rigorous and purposeful.


Recognizing Value in Opportunities

Because our team is market-driven, we recognize the value in unique real estate opportunities that others ignore due to complexity. Our unique ability to identify opportunities often overlooked by others results in tremendous value, generating above-average returns for our project investors.

At DCC, we focus on properties and projects that are a great fit for us, our partners, our market, and our development parameters. Just as important, the projects we pursue must fit the strategic objectives of both investors and our company.

While we are opportunistic, every opportunity is always balanced against our disciplined approach. Our rigorous, multi-point process is tailored to each stage of investment. With continual due diligence and ongoing feasibility studies, you can expect a thorough and thoughtful approach throughout the development process.


Analysis and Decision-Making

Some of the key indicators we continually analyze and use in our decision-making include:

  • Compatible land use
  • Local market conditions
  • Market timing
  • Financial business case
  • Brand selection
  • Market demographics
  • Competition
  • Demand generators
  • Macro and microeconomic factors
  • Political environment

We are diligent about clarifying the process forward and understanding the risks and potential upside of any project.

All of the above is fed into our process and business plan to determine the overall feasibility, merit and potential for the project. As we move through the development process, we continue to analyze and measure feasibility issues and concerns and the business case until the project is developed and the business is fully operational.

Our development process has led to the establishment of profitable projects with above average returns.

Want to realize the potential our partnership will bring to you?


A Sample of Our Work

We love all our projects, and each possesses its own history and benefits. Below is a sample of projects we are either working on, recently completed, or a unique contribution to our portfolio.